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The guest house has two rooms, in which 8 people can be accommodated. Separate bathroom and... More...

Room type No. guest Price for 2 nights
4 bed room (4 persons, 1 double bed, max. 1 additional bed)
88.89 €

Hotels Perkupa - Lilaakác Vendégház 's page

Accomodations near Perkupa

The 100 year old cottage in the Gömör-Torna karst is centrally located in the Blue Tour... More...

Hotels Bódvaszilas - 100 éves Vendégház 's page

Holló-ház - Bódvaszilas

Bódvaszilas the Zsombolyai village ", the Gömör-Torna karst, Aggtelek close. Two... More...

Hotels Bódvaszilas - Holló-ház 's page